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As the Internet has grown, it seems that everyone is offering web design services. Unfortunately, many of these people rely too heavily on "Web Design Wizards", pre-created "Templates," or a focus on what's new and cool, instead of what's best for you and your visitors.

At ABQweb, we're not just web designers, we're MARKETERS. We spend most of our time on the content and organization of your site. Rather than creating a whole new look for your web presence, we believe that it should complement your existing materials. As a result, we embrace your existing logo, letterhead, literature and other materials.

If you want your site to look different or if you're opening a new company that doesn't have existing materials, we'll work with any graphic designer you choose (or use one that we're already familiar with) to give you the design you want.

However we proceed, we promise to create a site for you that is professionally written, properly organized and easy to navigate. We like to use frames to help your visitors move around your site. However, we also create a real default page that contains the same information. This not only helps those visitors using old browser technology, but it also lets search engines find all of your pages even though the site is framed.

We try very hard to use "default" settings wherever possible. Your site may be best viewed at 800x600 resolution, but that isn't necessarily the size of the browser window being used. As windows are resized, your site should automatically adjust so that the information can still be seen. We take the time to make that happen.

We have software that reads just about any word processor and image format, so we can accept virtually any electronic materials that you already have. In addition, we have the ability to scan any printed material that is not available electronically. For text documents, we have high quality OCR software that allows us to read your printed pages. Our goal is to avoid re-inventing your materials wherever possible. This lets us charge you less and create your site more quickly.

Advanced Services
In addition to basic design work, ABQweb offers advanced services through a select group of third party companies. For example, if you have free web space as part of your dial-up Internet service, we can set up domain name forwarding that provides a real domain name pointing to your free space. Need secure shopping? We recommend Americart (click here for details). Finally, we can implement a high-speed site search that is absolutely free for sites under 500 pages. Using these services provides you with the highest level of flexibility and also decreases the cost of creating, updating, and maintaining your site.

Pricing Overview
Our prices for creating a new web site begin at $1000. This covers a site with up to 10 pages where we can obtain most of the material electronically. Another 10 pages can be added for an additional $875. After that, additional pages that are part of the initial site are priced at $75 each. And, we don't charge add in any extra per word or per graphic charges. With us, a page is just a page. 

Scanning artwork and text is extra and is charged on an hourly basis at $75 per hour. We calculate charges using 1/4 hour increments with a one hour minimum. Once we scan a document, the electronic version is available to you at no charge.

After your site is created, we can maintain it for you or you can choose to maintain it yourself. Our maintenance programs start at $50 per month for a 10-page site with an initial commitment of six months. Under this plan, existing pages can be changed at no additional charge.

Maintenance plan customers can add new pages to their sites at any time for $75 per page. For customers who do not purchase maintenance, new pages are priced at $90 each.

A 50% deposit is required before any web site design work is started. The balance is due when the customer approves the pages and is required before the pages are posted to their final location.

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